Little but nice HWS Connect Marketplace / Patreon Update 📊

Hi HWS Community,

it is more silent again because A) the next season is knocking on the door, which means I have to rework the Universe a bit due Alpha 10.5. B) I am working on the next big Patreon Goal which means a complete redesign of HWS Connect and more and C) After more than 5 years, I started to do more Sports (biking) again to be able to survive longer as an old man - especially if HWS is going so far :wink:

Anyways, let me just quickly announce the latest patch update to HWS Connect

HWS Marketplace Statistics

As announced, we have now more control over the Marketplace, since it’s merged into HWS Connect - thanks again @Hayawen!
So we started with very basic stuff and offering in the Dashboard 3 generic statistics:



Top Sellers


Top Buyers


This is available for everyone.

If you are a HWS Patron Elite+, you get also a nice convenient statistic for your items you want to sale:

That way you have a direct and clear overview of the price history of the item you want to sale…

  • Note: This and other Patreon features were not part of a Goal. Some features are just delivered on the fly, to not always create such “Goal pressure” for us.

We hope you enjoy it and are excited for much more coming in the future! :slight_smile:

Your HWS Team


This is great! Loving the stats, its becoming more and more realistic in terms of being a step closer to a real Stock Exchange feature. wow… Keep it up guys!

Side note: I don’t know if you’v noticed but the Market stats numbers under Sales overlap which makes it hard to see.

Its great to see you taking care of your body Rexx. Everyone should. I myself do dancing, boxing, and running. This is what i use for boxing maybe you’d like to try it out. It gives you a good sweat, helps release stress, helps with the eyes, and helps with your hand and eye coordination which can help you aim and shot at Empyrion players as well. xD You can make it at home with just some elastic string, a hat, and a tennis ball. Cheers @RexXxuS and @Hayawen Great work.




@RexXxuS @Hayawen its been about 2 months sense i mentioned this issue with the market stats. Is there any fix yet.

oh man, u mentioned it when I was super busy and i never saw it…
will try to check it soon!

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OK You’re using firefox! was wondering why i didn’t spot that bug before :smiley:
i think i fixed it, should get patched within a few days when an update gets pushed to server!

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Thanks for the attempt Hayawen, but the market still looks like this:

I’m using Mozilla Firefox by the way.

@RexXxuS did u push new prod recently?
if not, can you pls do so. :see_no_evil:



Thanks guys… I’m guessing thats how it supposed to look?

Yes. For now.
Until I’m ready with v5 redesign.

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