HWS Daily Loot

As incentive to use HWS Connect on daily basis and to make it more lucrative for Casual gamer with jobs and family, we have implemented a Daily Loot system.

Cycle based

  • There is always a global 28 days cycle available for everyone
  • If you start at day 1 of the cycle you are able to grab every Daily Loot until the end
  • If you skip one day of 28, you can max. collect 27 loot rewards - you will miss the last x100 HWS RP for example

Random Loot

  • There is a loot table available with random loot for everyone
  • The small loot boxes contains a smaller quantity of those items
  • The big loot boxes contains a larger quantity of those items above and additionally a chance to get Epic loot as well as HWS Ingots image


  • Go to your Dashboard and click at the Daily Loot button, then on the available loot for that day

  • You have to be online to claim your Daily Loot
  • Exception to get it passively is by becoming a HWS Patron