Little status quo update

Good morning HWS Community,
two things I want to share.

  1. I’m working on HWS 12 (other Scenarios, tools, etc.) which keeping me very very busy. For the first time I missed even an April Fool yesterday… shame. But I really hope it pays off when you see HWS 12 :slight_smile:
    You might have seen the Dev Blog post, but around mid April the A12 EXP is coming. So around May, we might see Alpha 12 = HWS 12. Who knows. Just prepare for it.

  2. Because of the current crazy times around Corona and the season is at its end, I saw recently massive weird text on HWS NA. It’s mixed with crap, insults and toxicity. So no matter how bored you might be, I strongly advice you to stop it. The ones who writing all of this will know and see this as warning. If it keeps continuing I will start with instant temp bans.

Thanks for your attention and please stay healthy.


I’m really looking forward to the Registry and Markers update. With the new map style and larger planets it’s been a bit difficult to lock targets and find planetary locations without remembering terrain layout from space. Being able to jump to a location from a menu should help speed things up and being able to see on-planet way-points from space will be nice.

‘In addition, when setting a Waypoint on one of those entries, those markers are now visible on planets while you are in space - and vice versa’