Little update | Eden & Pandowa limits are back

Hey @everyone,

just for the sake of an announcement:

Eden & Pandowa will have the old limits again on coming Friday 30.03. at 9AM!

This means:

2 (faction) & 1 (private) BA | Class 7

2 (faction) & 1 (private) CVs | Class 7

2 (faction) & 1 (private) SVs | Class 7

2 (faction) & 1 (private) HVs | Class 7

I wanted to see if A the global limits are good enough and B if some player use common sense to NOT spam their buildings there. But even big PvP factions dropping their stuff there “because they can”.
So here we are with limits again.

Have fun and stay tuned for HWS 8!

Your HWS Team


Cheers Rex! I still think too many cores on a playfield should result in:


Best regards

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@RexXxuS are you going to be auctioning them off at random (aka set public) or is it search and seizure to the state?

I don’t have any assets on either, but I could go for some real estate. : )

Or spawn in an endless wave of planetary vessels. I’m thinking of like 50 at once.

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Or Rex should wait until half the planet is claimed then do an auction like storage wars on the repo’d structures

He could just do a Tax for cores over max, picking highest ID numbers as the offenders and tax similar to ECC. Then it would be completely upto the players what items they want to get rid of or suffer the consequences.

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The decision was necessary, so we have to think over which vessels we do really need and which are just „because i can“ luxury.

Darn. Here I was looking forward to trying my hand at a Class 10 base on Eden. :stuck_out_tongue: