Locked in my own base

For some unknown reason my base on Ornate called Caligula’s Shack by itself changed from CEN to HWS, Preventing me from going out or in. Have no idea who HWS is. Please advice, thanks.

HWS is the automatic faction for Rule #4. So obviously your faction build to many bases on pve or the base was to big and exeeded the block/device limit. We warn ingame for 75 minutes that you should change it and if you dont do anything about it, the tool takes away the base for destruction.

I’ll take a look at it in a minute. But i guess one of you guys has to tare down a base.

Its because you have more Faction bases on PVE then allowed. Base is yours again, but the base (or one of the others) needs to be torn down as soon as you log in.