Loged into Alliance space HWS clone chamber A on the outside of the building. I last loged out at Commonwealth base/ ID 12679763

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

Player(s) with issue: Write heregaspra
Server: Write here NA
Time (cb:time): Write here 9:56 eastern standard time
Playfield: Write here mars x
Structure Name(s): Write here COMMONWEALTH BASE
Structure ID(s): Write here 12679763
How can we help you now: Write hereteleport me back to my mars x base from location 25,847:15 HWS Clone Chamber A on exterior.

10 hours later and still floating outside HWS Clone Chamber A in Alliance space. Need teleported back to Mars X Commonwealth Base 1267963. Someone please help so I can play the game.

Hello @gaspra

sorry for the delay! :frowning:
I lost motivation today because of what you can see in Discord #announcement channel.

I warped you now to the Mars X base.

(it happened because the playfield got broken, so the game tried to warp you 6 times to that place but couldn’t. Then it takes the first playfield on the servers list = Alliance Orbit)

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Thanks RexXxuS for helping me out of a sticky situation!

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