Logged in after a break, and in space with no ship

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What happened:

Logged in after taking a break and inn the alliance hq space with no ship freezing :frowning:

Player(s) with issue:




Time (cb:time):



alliance hq

Structure Name(s):


Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:

spawn me to my base or ship :wink:

It would help if you provided the ID numbers of the structure you wish to be spawned at.

Sorry :wink:
Id: 9131825

I am not home yet, but where did you logg out from?

I logged out from the “Alliance-HQ System” floating in space :stuck_out_tongue:
O/W Coordinate: 4637
Height: 1226
N/S Coordinate: 2985

Hello @Chrisdd

sorry for the delay. I restored it 60 meter above your head.
Hope it works.
Have to go sleep now though.

Try registry > power off. Or cb:getshipdown:id.

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Thank you sooo much, i have been off this for a while and i think everything must have been hidden or something. I spawned a starter hover vessel and started from scratch after dying many times flying back to the planet, when i saw my ship spawn above me it was the best feeling ever :slight_smile:
thank you!!

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P.S.: It got wiped because you didn’t touch it for 15 days (touch time)

And that explains why i spawned into space with just my back pack! :stuck_out_tongue:

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