Logged on to empty space


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What happened: when i logged on i ended up in empty alluance space
Player(s) with issue: Bloomsfield im not sure if u got my first ticket so sending another ignore if u did
Time (cb:time): nov 6 just before midnite
**Playfield:**ended up in empty alliance space
**Structure Name(s):no structures but i spawned an sv but could not warp anywhere
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now: please warp me back to freelancer hq space my cv is scout. If u can get me to scout ok if not can u move the sv i spawned with me so i can find my cv
Thank you


Hey @Bloomsfield

Devs found the issue and wanted to release a patch this week… :frowning:
The planet / space might be still dead but I warped you to your Scout for now.
If it didn’t work the server restart fixes it most likely…

We hope the upcoming change will help additionally!

Logged into Alliance Space Help
I need help please - Freelancer HQ planet gone

Thank you very much RexXxus



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