Looking for active faction


I’m a very active player, and I’m looking for an active faction.
I enjoy doing my own thing, but I like to have a team to group up with and tackle obstacles as well.
I LOVE building things, and I typically tend to design ships from scratch for faction members to use.
Using their feedback to improve the design.

Guardian Origin, level 22, 800 hrs of experience in Empyrion, along with several workshop designs, and several other designs not on the work (to prevent reverse engineering).

Please let me know if you have an active faction I can be a part of.

I am not looking to start a faction, nor am I looking to join anyone that has 1 or 2 players, I’ve done the whole “start a faction from scratch and conquer the universe” thing already, and I don’t feel up to that challenge again.

NA Server


Can you post the links to some of the workshop designs?

I can’t at the moment because I’m at work, I can later today.
But here are albums for 3 of my favorite, designed from scratch ships, the 4th is still a work-in-progress.
But I mostly posted that for the sake of a “Resume” if you will lol, none of my designs have been updated to 6.0, I’ve been creating new ones and playing on HWS. :slight_smile:


sent you a PM

Ha… you beat me to it Boo…