Looking for an Alliance group

Hi I’m Gunslinger.

Looking for an Alliance group looking for a challenge. Please read my post and message me. Citizens Unite against SWP and Piracy


Why dont you join PKA?

Are you PKA?

No, but i know that they are looking for active players. I am still UST, but i am also part of the Peacekeeper Union.

I am not really looking for that. I like being on my own. Being my own boss and doing what I want. The nature of this post is to get an Alliance faction to help with the mission I have given myself for the good of everyone one etc.

PKA needs more players again due to some of them having gone inactive over the last week. They seem to value their real life more than this game… I’m sure PKA (I’m PKA) is behind your mission to stop piracy.

However, to stop veteran pirates like SWP, you need numbers and near infinite resources. You gotta pound them every single day otherrwise they will just take over the planet again a few hours later. They just have soooo many ships ready for battle. Missions like that cost an enormous amount of time to repair ships and are very costly in terms of fuel & ammo. Not to mention when you lose an entire ship. And it requires more online people than SWP during the time of the raids.

If you are interested in joining, send a PM to @zappe21 or another PKA admin other than me. If not, then perhaps we meet you someday in battle when we get faction alliances.

Hmm I never knew zappe21 was PKA interesting.

Anyway SWP are not as big as people think I have not seen more than 3 of them online at same time in last week.

I am not going to go into details on here anyway. But you have given me something to think about.


SWP is about 8 people during their peaktime. About 2-4 otherwise.