Looking for Escorts (US)

Hey guys, I’m a part of a 2 man trading faction known as GaT (You’ve seen me posting up T2 drills I’m sure). I’d like to get new ore from PvP zones but I really want to have me and Sarah mine for a decent amount of time to get as much ore as we can before we get attacked. I’m seeking an escort to completely babysit for the entire run, yes, that means the entire time. In return I’ll give 5% of whatever yields I get in raw ore as payment for the escort. Sound good?

PMI would be available for this task. Feel free to contact me here or on Discord for details.

No, it does not sound good! 5% is a joke! :rofl:
Basically, nice idea to ask for an escort. I like this kind of offer and I would accept if the payment is fair. :wink:

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Y’all see that this was posted a year ago, right?

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Yes, I saw this after my reply. Would be nice to see more offers like this in the future.

Lol - man we need some life around here.

Yeah, I was hoping to spur some people to come back… lol