Looking for guid how to get epic heavy armor

Today on chat someone tell me that i can get epic heavy armor on Atlantis planet. Im looking for guide how to get them. Can anyone send me some link?

u just gotta dig :wink:


look for a big island with a pond in the middle. an sv miner would be easiest.


So its buried. Ok thx :slight_smile:

Go to Atlantis… Look for the huge crater… land at one of the houses in the center of it… enter the house… find the elevator shaft… go down till you hit dirt… pull out your drill. dig out the inside of the barred ship till you find a locker with the armor… i think its on the 2nd floor of the ship… lots of stuff to dig out … loot etc…

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I find it thx :slight_smile:

Still accurate?

It is :slight_smile: There is a base on NA that leads you right to it. Bring a drill and an extra charge just in case.