Looking to 8.0 universe resource availability

Last night, I was chatting with a few long standing has players on the subject of how easy it is currently to fund resources. The general view was that it was probably too easy.

When we started the current season, Erestrum and mag were in short supply, then If I remember correctly after community feedback the availability of resources increased, but on reflection perhaps this availability was a little too generous?

In particular, I heard several conversations at the beginning of the season specifically about homeworld planet, along the lines of “you have got to get here quick, as thus is bound to be nerfed!”

Do others feel that resources are too easy, scarce or just right, to maintain going into 8.0?

I am keenly aware that like most players with multiple seasons behind them I have a healthy stock pile in my OCD, so may have a very different viewpoint to new players.

On a related note, when Rexus raided our OCD of certain materials to create a shortage for all players, I think this had a positive result, which I would like to see repeated.


Dont know about that last point Sacred!

However, I agree with the rest. Especially homeworld. A few hours hover mining and you’re resource rich. It is a fine balance though. We want to draw people to HW but dont want them to have enough so that they never need return!

As you suggest, we old timers do have a skewed viewpoint though. Z and E are utilised much more now in turrets and in ammo. If i were a new starter I couldnt just keep spawning ships/bases with arty turrets or SVs with homing missiles etc - it would be good to get a new starters viewpoint on this aspect.

My main source of resource gathering as you know has been from other players (mining is boring!) and one thing i’ve noticed is the abundance of devices etc in peoples ships after they’ve done a POI. Maybe the POI rewards could be toned down a bit. 100s of base arty turrets, T3 fuel tanks, adv constructors etc might be a bit too much. Of course that couldve been from multiple POIs I wouldnt know (I dont raid POIs).

I like the idea of different planets having different resources in their crust.

In summary and from my perspective i’d say the balance is rather good atm but could still be tweaked a bit to assist new starters - and yes homeworld could do with a nerf :slight_smile:


I thin there should be more resources harder to come by inc gold Many vet players like my-self have a lot stored in there old and have level 10 am’s and so easy to the resource. maybe the hard to come by resources should also be slown down next to nothing not only on the playfields but also in there am’s too.

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I guess im the only player here who does NOT enjoy mining and feels you should be able to stockpile

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We can already stockpile; with the ole’ OCD :slight_smile:


Loving the points from both of you! Right on the money! :slight_smile:

Am i misunderstanding something then? Sounds like u guys want to take away said stockpile

Yeah i’d do it in a way that players dont lose stuff without getting the option to use it. For instance going in to 8.0 Rexxus could say: "Oh yeah i’m gonna be deleting all large constructors from the OCD come 9.0.

So players would have an entire season to use that resource before they lose that resource. :slight_smile:
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It’s just an idea of course. And this is coming from someone who owns roughly 30,000 large constructors. So these things are what make us large factions appear to have nearly a bottomless pit of resources, and would bring us closer to the other players and factions again.

Right now we’re a bit like those ‘meths’ from altered carbon. So rich in resources we needn’t worry about a thing! :slight_smile:
Best regards

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For me the core of the discussion is about making sure there are some Mats etc that retain value and thus are a point of focus for the game. If you have unlimited access to an abundance of everything the game becomes stale for long term play.

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On the flipside we dont want to have to grind every season just to build our fave ships.

I do like Wisemans suggestion - giving us a seasons notice if something is to be wiped from the OCD. Least we can use it then.

2 topics here and one is obviously a hot one… OCD wipes.

Regarding resources I answered the call for more and so far no complains. But for veterans it is always the exponentiell result of that call as well. For HWS 8 I have to see if there is more possible with missions e.g.

There is the proverb for reason that “rich people getting even more rich”. It’s a circulation you can only break with a wipe. However, just wiping the OCD, if it’s not for important gameplay reasons as we did with the Zas + Eres + Mag wipe in HWS 7, is not fair for people spent a lot of time into filling them.

Only thing however we want to tackle next with our OCD rework is the already discussed “OCD Prestige” feature. Everyone has the own option to wipe his OCD or part of this OCD to get even more out of it. Encourages the re-play factor and adds more depth.

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At the moment as a newer player, the rest of the planets are near useless for any reason. Every resource has been mined out completely. So, I build a base on Freelancer HQ for my homebase. I build a gun platform on a pvp planet for the RP. Then I build expendable base, hv digger and sv to farm homeworld. I am now just stockpiling my OCD.

Suggestion: On all planets do the same surface wipe you do in the homeworld sector, once each month. This leaves all structures but resets the resources and fills in the holes. That way you have an entire set of systems that have purpose.

After reading alot here I have 1 question. Do you really want to make it hard on starters only since veterans already have the stuff you want to minimize? Or is there an alternative motive?
If you are gone minimize resources i think you should also delete these resources from all OCD. Or just leave it as it is. What is the problem with having few more people being able to build stuff? unless there is a problem with competition :smiley:

From my point of view, the idea was is to make certain resources equally difficult for new or established players, which the last time RexXxus implemented, resulted in the tactical deletion of certain materials from OCD’s to create this level playfield (unlike currently were the “in game rich” players have vast resources and do not have to work, to complete with new players). However RexXxus has already indicated in this thread that that is not going to happen this time around, so as not to punish those who have spent time accumulating in game wealth.

As for an alternative motive - no I don’t see any. The lifeblood of the server is about attracting a constant stream of new players, so the start experience has to be achievable whilst still retaining a certain level of challenge to make it feel worthwhile - it is the established players that this discussion was targeted at.

:slight_smile: ty for the clear answer. My question was more general because some of the answers i read were kinda protective towards non-new players :wink: and like that the possibilities for newcomers would be very slim.

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