Looking to Return to Empyrion!

Hey there folks, you may have seen me around the galaxy a while back. I used to play Empyrion pretty much every day because, well why not, right? I had a dream of running a bounty hunting faction and doing super bad ass stuff, you know explosions and stuff. Unfortunately, that ended up not working too well, and most of my time in Empyrion was spent trying to convince my friends not to actually get rid of the game because they couldn’t find any “engaging” things to do.

With that out of the way, I was looking to maybe return back to Empyrion, to a hunter faction of some sort, it’d be cool to be a part of one than to lead it again, and we don’t have to be super “crazy” into it, or anything, but I’d be really stoked to see what Hunter factions have evolved into, the few months I’ve been inactive.

Well now the origin > hinters ect no longer have to obide by the faction rules its every man to him self unless you have an alliance with a faction so maybe a hunter teaming up with freelancers ect. so there is planty of action it just all depends if you want to be a good hunter or a bad hunter and it goes for all other origins there are bad guardiens and good ones theer are bad freelancers and good ect. wolves in sheep clothing galor. come join the fun!

IMore specifically, it’s a community run story now, which means we’re each responsible for maintaining social order. Many do ignore their roles and there’s no way to truly enforce it, so it often is every man for himself.

I’m a trader, I ant speak for hunters specifically. Often can’t tell them from pirates. But to andreas point, guardians and freelancers tend to blur the lines as well. I don’t see it as much in trader, but forest from the trees and all that.

Oh and welcome back! Come have fun. :wink:

Welcome back Dr.Mit!

A lot has changed but of course not finished :wink:
The Hunter Job board is still on my todo but step by step.
You find for sure party in Black Hole now - it is a bit more dangerous than back in the days though…

Anyways - have fun