Loot Backpack on PvE

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What happened: Loot backpack on Pve(ECC System)
Player(s) with issue: FSociety
Server: eu
Time (cb:time): 07 October 2018 22:35
Playfield: ECC System
Structure Name(s): Hawking
Structure ID(s): Write here
**How can we help you now:**I bought an item from a commodity trader and after I completed the purchase I missed a missile and shot at the trader, and he killed me. At that time [HDS] Fasgort player was there, and my backpack was sinking. And I need to return it as there were items from the purchase from the trader.

So you attacked a trader, died and your stuff got looted?
That loot is fair game.

The rule only applies in starter PvE planets (aka Alliance Cryo and Freelancer Cryo), so I don’t see any problem with looting your backpack.

Following that, typically I don’t loot people and just protect their backpack until they are back, but I made a exception with you, since this is not the first time I see a RED player attacking and killing the traders.

Looting on Pve forbidden and it doesn’t matter how I died…

Give an example of when a trader was attacked before RED’s ? With screenshot pls

Sorry but killing a trader, by mistake or not is your gameplay.
You are one of the biggest experienced players in Empyrion. I think you knew what will happen.

And the rule for backpacks was quoted.
We are not here to accuse anyone of intentionally killing traders so others can’t get stuff from them.

I did not kill the trader, there was a frieze in the game and I shot him but the trader remained alive

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