Loss of money due to outage due to storm (taxed)

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: tax at ecc
Player(s) with issue: Alandrea
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 2 days ago
Playfield: egs
Structure Name(s): galactic capital
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: was stranded due to loss of internet because of storms in NE USA, NJ. Spole to Rexxus told me to fill out form.

there is goign to be a full wipe soon there is no point to this ticket as everyones money is going to be wiped unless you have donated

He might need the structure id

I was going to use the money to buy mats for my ocd so there is a point to it. as of today the server was delayed in start. So I think your response is not appropriate. Also I do donate. At least I did I may reconsider in the future.

Hey alandrea yes what Andrea said might not make sense. Give @RexXxuS 48 hours he will get back to you. But like I said and you choose to ignore it is the ship ID.

I have sent rex a reminder of this ticket.

That’s why I said 48h he is busy and tired.

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Sorry for the delay @Alandrea but before a wipe it’s always tricky.
The last backup we had was 222k so I refunded it as an exception. Can’t do more.

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