Lost 2 AC after restart

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What happened: i lost my alien cores after server restart. i had 2 AC in my SV on freelancer HQ and when i returened after restart i suddently had none :frowning:
Player(s) with issue: Ponyta
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 18:04
Playfield: Freelancer HQ
Structure Name(s): none
Structure ID(s): none
How can we help you now: i would please love to get 2 alien cores back so i can alien core my home and ship

Sorry we can’t do or prove that.
You also logged out quite late. As the restart message says those minutes are dangerous. You should not play during that time.

so what am i supposed to do now? just stand around with no fuel for anything?

What SV name / ID?

You had them not in your inventory.

the name of the SV is Cargo.

Ok, so instead you providing some proof, I restored the Cargo SV from the latest backup we had. 16:07. One hour before the restart. And there were no Alien Cores in it.
That took me a long time but sorry, as Jascha said, we can’t track SV content and so if something is lost without a video showcase or so, then it is lost.

We only can track backpacks / inventory.

I wouldn’t have mentioned this, since I investigated and found this in one of your cargo box:

You are good to go and there are some cheap Alien Cores in the Black Market.

Have fun.

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