LOST 2 million credits from dieing once?

like the title says, i lost 2 million that was in my bank account.

Its rather from the Tax of the strucutres. But we will change that and see what we can do about the 2 mil.

But i only have one base on pirateworld? so it cost 2 million per day??

Yeah thats wrong… Therefore we will change it and I will build something to get your money back

Sounds good jascha! :slight_smile: i guess more people will complain when they wake up hah

I’ll hurry ;). They hopefiully not notice that they were robed over night :sunglasses:

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You got saved! I repayed you all and got all your reputations back…
BUT: Be aware that Tax will come tomorrow, so it will cost you something or a lot if you have extreme ships and no reputation… like yours Thranir.
The Tax tomorrow does not look good :|. But you are one of the only ones with such big ships:

Planet-Tax for Faction Structure:
Capital Vessel (CV)’ (138001); Blocks: 9994; Devices: 446; Price: 4457324; Player:1; Reputation: 1; TotalPrice: 4457324
Player ‘Thranir’ could not pay 2305908 Credits of total 4457324 (* 1 Player = 4457324) Credits for structure ‘Capital Vessel (CV)’ (138001).
After taken Credits, Player ‘Thranir’ would still have to pay 2305893 Credits. Rest will be taken from other player in his faction.

Whaat, why do we have tax on big ships? so if i have alot of ships in deep space its the same tax?

Tax is only for the faction pve planets. so those planets you dont want anyone to be on :wink:
So the Tax should keep people from overflowing PVE planets

I am moving asap then :open_mouth: that tax is insane!

And if I let my CV in Faction-space = no Tax?)

right. Only the planets

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Edit : Bankers save the day \o/ log-in my am and my 250k cr is back in the bank :stuck_out_tongue: Cherrs