Lost 3 Ships During Bug

here is a copy/paste of what HWS connect says about my 3 ships I lost:

Name of Structure Structure Type On Playfield O/W position Height position N/S position Block Count Deleted
Dark Justice CV Mars -3041 34 -482 2184 true
Batwing SV Mars -3022 51 -489 480 true
Batmobile HV Mars -3033 37 -484 459 true

any help in getting these back would be great, thanks.

I lost them while transition from mars to orbit in an attempt to help someone get back to their SV in orbit.

CV and SV are now in Peacekeeper 1. The hoover i put on Prediction since it would be hard to get it docked in space

If you need me to bring it to you just holler

thanks all, I’ve recovered all vessels and now heading to Mars to get my gear I dropped there. I used suicide to spawn in the CV.