Lost 90% of the ships i had and my base

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What happened:
=> I lost like 90% of my ships and my base that had alot of stuff in

Player(s) with issue: Me

=> Eu

Time (cb:time):
=> Found it out yesterday

=> Triton space

Structure Name(s):
(I only want the big and HWS ships back)(I was not able to find all names of the structures)

  1. Class 7 CV PVP
  2. Murcielago 17m
  3. Kriel Beholder
  4. Safe Harbor (got not id)
  5. The Mine’s Eye (Can’t find the id anymore)
  6. Gold Harvester (Can’t find the id anymore)
  7. Martian Miner (Can’t find the id anymore)
  8. Mybase (Can’t find the id anymore) (Only had 1 base in Triton space)

Structure ID(s):
1: 18993398
2: 18993399
3: 18993401
4. Safe Harbor (Can’t find the id anymore)
5. The Mine’s Eye (Can’t find the id anymore)
6. Gold Harvester (Can’t find the id anymore)
7. Martian Miner (Can’t find the id anymore)
8. Mybase (Can’t find the id anymore) (Only had 1 base in Triton space)

How can we help you now:
=> I would like to ask if it is possible to restore the ships or compensate me, I had no way to check when they would come out of stealth since my stealth is bugged as I reported before.

I had a high amount of stuff in my base also.

All of them were not touched for 16+ days. You were not playing actively. Simple as that.
@Firebeard since I see it’s happening very often in the JVI faction, maybe you can invest some “training sessions” about structure maintenance? It’s very time consuming for us to go through this every time.
Rest is unfortunately gone. Can’t find your provided names nor the ID.

I could only find those structures which I restored for now

The common restore cost would be over 200 million credits…
I restored them free this time but watch out next time please.


Yea I was not active because of my work, and most of my ships were in my EGS stealth, And I tried to check almost every weekend to see if when they would come out, But as reported I don’t see any info on my HWS stealth so I did not notice that they were out of stealth.

I going, to be honest, I forgot about the inactivity thing, That’s my fault, But as can be seen in my report about hws stealth bug (EGS stealth not working fully) you can see I had no way to find out till when they were inside there.

I found a screenshot with the ID of Martian Miner the Mines Eye and Safe harbor

Martian miner: 15614013
The Mine’s Eye: 15703027
Safe Harbor: 14703780

It is coming from my report with the hws stealth bug.

But regarding my base and what was inside that is that also gone? Because there were around 80 t3 miners ± and alot of more stuff

u can always send them to the discord lobby boot camp :wink:

I see.
Note: HWS Connect is a visual helper. I did not categorize your EGS Stealth issue as that broken, that you lose structures.
There are always ingame alternatives to the visual helper.
For example egs:info, egs:stealth:off etc.
See all commands here:

Anyways, I searched in all files about those

And can’t find them anymore, unfortunately.

I can’t a base “Mybase” from player “Xyston”. I will try to crawl deeper logs, which will take even more time and effort. Will let you know later.

I think I found something like this
I have no clue what coordinates it was located though. So I restored it and put it somewhere your restored CVs now. If something is glitched inside, use cb:getshiphere.

That is all I could do for now.

Try to communicate this to your big JVI faction and set it to faction, so others can trigger your touch value, so it won’t get deleted after 15 days.

Ok will do thank you

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