Lost a complete day of mining

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Sorry to hear.

P.S.: It might help to mention the reason.
I’ve came across your rage quit for example.
Because your base got deleted.

Which had 8 Blocks.
It’s a server setting on all servers, to clean up those “junk” structures.

See the documentation:

You make some bold statements like

  1. I did not delete anything. I restore things.

  2. The warning is visible in form of Lobby setup:

    and our Guide:
    HWS Resets, Wipes & Settings

  3. ppl move away (like you said you will), are leaving because the game is not intuitive and comes with some mechanics, which ruin the fun for players.
    For example because it’s in Early Access…
    But hey, our job since 4 years and
    7074 tickets solved, day and night, is to help those lost souls exactly by that.
    Because we can.

I restored your Mini Structure now…


I explained this in chat at the time…
sorry i was busy at the time, all it takes is a forum ticket and we can resolve or if i’m online just pm / contact me and we can help you out.

thanks to rexxx he restored your structure, but plz increase the size of it…
thanks :wink:


No real rage but. No warning. And not all servers do that this is the first i seen that delete stuff that was placed less then 24 hours ago. And not bad if it has to delete but content should be transfered some were if u do that. May want that rule clear before ppl start. It has been pointed out and hey is WHAT it is.

We tried. If you press ingame the F1 key and go to “Empyriopedia” you can read all the information.
In HWS 12 I will do in depth help with the Dialogue system.

And yes, only the big servers do this auto clean up. Imagine it’s not active. It would become very laggy and instable for players.
Anyways, your structure is back, your day of mining. But add 3 blocks to the base or it’s gone again.

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No been playing this for years now. I didnt mean move away from game i ment server. And a min count hell who reads that a start wipes with min count when they already wipe weekly. And it said 8 on my end says 7 on yours i guess. Its not rage just telling u how i fell sorry u take that as hostile.

I be honest i played on infested and every admin liked me and i play a lot on pegasus same thing. I just dont like the wipe a planet that already wipes. The mechanic on a starter is to build min a get the hell off. But here u have to build big just to leave cause u wipe a already wiping planet. And your admin building does not have advanced constructer most need to get off. So it was quit a shock and annoying and i came off strong out of those emotions. If it does them to me othet players usually have same reactions. Some in gane said it happened to them even

Question it says 6h does it say size by the way.

You don’t need to build anything big. It’s just 10 blocks :slight_smile:

And HWS has something even better than this. You can write fa:supply ingame and then you’ll get a ton of resources able to help you out (Including more than 10 blocks if I’m not completely wrong), and then you can write egs:spawn on the starter planets, and a small warpcapable SV will be spawned. It’s actually possible to leave starter planets in less than 5 minutes easily :slight_smile:

The best thing you can do in a survival game if something goes wrong, is to learn from your mistake, and then avoid it in the future. HWS is a hard server and Empyrion is an early access game. Those 2 combined can sometimes lead to interesting situations :slight_smile: Luckily we have helpful admins able to help almost 24/7 if anything goes wrong.


Ty for help i got the stuff out and just demo it

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