Lost a CV and 3 SV with stuff inside

So, hapened earlier. When was hapening some playfield lost conection, we warped from Starting zone back to Peacekeeper 4, then when entered on Destiny atmosphere hapened the playfield error. So the server restarted. Now our ships are “deleted” on Starting orbit.

Heres the control panel screenshot from website

Got all Ships but Boliches back and put them in Peackeeper 2. You can pick them up there

If you need me to bring it to you just hollar

Ok, thanks. Yes Statles, i’ll need a ride to peacekeeper 2 or the ships on Peacekeeper 4. I only have this CV.

Just let me now, why Bolichés was not recovered? Some kind of error or we can only have 2 sv?

Could ot find it in backups.

Ah ok, thanks. This may be probably because Bolicho (faction partner) just had built it. But ok, no problems. Got the CV already is great.

Just comment:
The best Decision, would be inform all, creat before, and use after usual Backups. That makes some garantees for recovering your ships.


Backups of ships are done every hour (so no need to wait for big backup/restart). Of course due to the Server Crash there were not many backups either i guess.

Even such info, better announce some time. Build ship - w8 ~1 hour than warp where u need… Its better, than people spawn ships, 5 min and they got crushed warp and no backups for ship…

Closing topic to show they have been recovered.