Lost a Ship i bought from the Garage due to hard wipe

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> Lost a Ship i bought from the Garage due to hard wipe

Player(s) with issue:
=> Shadow_Walk

=> HWS

Time (cb:time):

=> it was parked on Freelancer HQ Planet

Structure Name(s):
=> Quasar | 3m

Structure ID(s):
=> i dont know this offhand

How can we help you now:
=> I would refund of the 3mil i spent. cause that was nearly all my money that i spent IRL money to be able to keep it from the last season.


sorry but as announced you missed it. You should have asked us before the wipe. Now the ship is not existing anymore and can’t be refunded. Sorry :frowning:

i put the ticket in before the wipe and i have a screenshot for proof that i had it… i paid real money to keep my bank balance so by you not refunding my 3mil you are in turn stealing my real money that i paid to the server. I had a wicked hard time even making a ticket to even tell you about this problem So i message Rex about this on Discord. This is not right others have been refunded… You cant steal peoples money.

It is not about stealing money.
Your real money has nothing to do with a HWS Garage ship in the first place.
In fact, what we did the last days, was just generous (refunding credits of bought garage ships).
We could have also just said “deal with early access game issues”.
But we are HWS, so we help everyone as good as possible.
I searched and refunded the ingame credits for you now.

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donations are just that. a donation. nothing more, nothing less. the team gives out in game package rewards for specific donation amounts. this is in no way an exchange for goods or services. we need to remember this when selecting to pay real money for anything online.

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