Lost a ship in CSW

About 20 minutes ago I cross-server-warped from NA to EU and my CV (name is “Storjumper”, for some reason doesn’t show in HWS Connect NA, so I don’t have the proper ID) got bricked. I mean, it had a major number of resources in cargo boxes, but after transfer it only appeared as a CV starter with only core, cockpit and 8 steel blocks.
Please restore the vessel if possible. Not sure if the logs are needed in the case, but just in case:
Client_161214-175943-06.log (63.6 KB)

ID is now shown and it’s 16313270.

Ill guess its still there. It shows active in EU-NA and anotehr Storejumper in NA-EU. As long as its not because playfield is unloaded.
Could you please check again. As far as I can see everything was right. I guess it just did not show directly.


  • The ship in NA to EU on EU server is a brick (core, cockpit and 8 blocks).
  • another ship on EU in EU to NA system shows in registry, but is not in fact there.
  • No ships with this name on NA server are shown in registry. Didn’t check the NA to EU system directly as it’s not trivial.

I’m not sure what you mean by “did not show directly.”