Lost a ton of factory resources

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What happened:
=> Factory resources didn’t transfer into OCD it seems.

Player(s) with issue:
=> NotOP


Time (cb:time):


Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> If it is possible at all to get these resources back that would be fantastic. I wouldn’t have made a ticket if it wasn’t a significant lose.


Also here the question, why do you think you did not get them?
I checked and see that you got them. What is missing?

Do not forget: We do not return ores but ingots.

Hey Jascha, I had over 400k sathium and iron which I’m mainly concerned about as those can be difficult to reclaim. Same with erestrum and Zac. I’m not sure why I didn’t get them. I thought they were supposed to go into our ocd? I also have the save factory resources as a permanent perk.

You might want to check again. As I said, you got the ingots.

See here for example:
Before wipe --> After Wipe

I’m sorry jacha but I had a minimum of 200k erestrum in my factory. Not 26k ignots. Man I feel like I’m putting in a ticket once a week for losing resources etc. I let go the other times but if you’re telling me that I received all my iron and sathium when I had like 80k iron and maybe 100k sathium in my ocd after wipe, that is very frustrating. I get things are very stressful right now for everyone. But judging from your response there is no way to determine the amount I am owned or whether your information confirms I did actually receive it. So it is likely gone forever and I am left with 20k iron to fight off major factions.

I’m trying to think of anything that could have happened. Is it possible my ocd level wasn’t given a higher level like everyone else? Meaning I didn’t get more slots or amounts to ensure I get my factory resources? Idk what happened!?


no worries, I understand that this is a hot topic and you are a bit in the blind here and need to trust us. And its good to speak up, that way we can check if it worked or not. But after 2 or 3 checks with other players I trust that everyone got what he was supposed to.
But let me go in detail to your situation:
So these are the resources you had:

You had OCD Level 6, which means you have 60k space for rare and therefore for those resources. We added for level 6 20k space per slot.
You had 130 slots which were all filled with something. And there was only 1 Iron Ingot slot with 53k in it. this slot was filled with all iron ingots you had in your factory. But since your OCD was full, no new slot for iron possible you only received the 27k.
so everything worked as planned, but you did not leave enough space in your OCD

Here is the total of the changes to your ingots:

Slot Item ID Name Amount before Amount after Change
4 2298 Gold Ingot 61360 61360 0
7 2298 Gold Ingot 60000 60000 0
9 2278 Erestrum Ingot 80000 80000 0
10 2298 Gold Ingot 60000 60000 0
12 2279 Zascosium Ingot 80000 80000 0
15 2285 Sathium Ingot 80000 80000 0
21 2275 Neodymium Ingot 80000 80000 0
22 2278 Erestrum Ingot 64937 80000 15063
24 2298 Gold Ingot 40000 40000 0
30 2273 Cobalt Ingot 80000 80000 0
31 2298 Gold Ingot 60000 60000 0
33 2275 Neodymium Ingot 63441 80000 16559
37 2278 Erestrum Ingot 60000 80000 20000
38 2285 Sathium Ingot 80000 80000 0
39 2285 Sathium Ingot 43750 80000 36250
46 2298 Gold Ingot 60000 60000 0
51 2279 Zascosium Ingot 5170 80000 74830
54 2298 Gold Ingot 60000 60000 0
57 2273 Cobalt Ingot 18509 62808 44299
58 2272 Iron Ingot 53322 80000 26678
64 2274 Silicon Ingot 23715 50206 26491
71 2276 Copper Ingot 31194 53586 22392
82 2275 Neodymium Ingot 53095 80000 26905
125 2278 Erestrum Ingot 57999 80000 22001
127 2275 Neodymium Ingot 60000 80000 20000

As you can see, most of your slots were already quite full. Therefore you only got a part of what you had.

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