Lost all my rp point

Hello yesterday i log into my account and it shows 0 alliance point, the day before i had approximately 56 point in the alliance faction.

thx for help


I see you have 13 deaths, that lose you RP.
Then I see you changed your faction?!

If you change or leave a faction you lose all RP

yes i changed faction and had all my death last week it was one week ago. then after i stayed on the alliance planet to decrease the cost of my installation.

But i don t care i loose 50 rp point not very important it is just to declare maybe a bug for others like me.

hello again lost again my 56 rp point from yesterday from alliance faction and no faction change, no death.
I can t play anymore or maintain a structure my faction point are reguraly reset without death or faction change.

thx for help

due to this resets i have to put my big base and ships to public and lost them or i will be unable to maintain them :frowning:


I dont reall get the problem. So you just changed to the ANA faction. Therefore you loose oyur Reputation. Why did you do so, if you know you will loose RP?

Gave them bakc to you for now

in fact no, i lost two times my faction reputation just by logging in without any death or faction change it is why i will try to take some screenshot of in game play and in hws connect to help.

thx for helping

can i get 40+ Reputation too? since i changed from pirates to hunter before, like 2 weeks back, i mean if people are getting them back i want to!

RP was lost due to false ban.

I also lost all rp yesterday wihout any faction change.

My teammates also lost rp.

I lost all of my RP as well, but was also autobanned earlier today.