Lost backpack

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What happened: I was with my cv in ecc, warped till Antimatter system, to reach the closest planet to spawn a Hv. When approaching the planet, I got disconnected. When relogged in the game, I wasn’t on my cv as expected, but in front of the swp base, exactly 35km away from my cv. (I made a waypoint at the third death)
the turrets instakilled me obviously. I tried to respawn on the medical station on my cv, but again i respawned there. At the third time i made the screenshot(and the waypoint).
the fourth time I respawned on my cv (that was on the planet Anoma).
Player(s) with issue: Rheynardt
Server: Eu
Time (cb:time): Around 11:30 pm
Playfield: Antimatter system
Structure Name(s): Rhey-Don Risorse (But it’s not part of the problem)
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: I would like my inventory back.

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Sorry to hear.
We can try to recover your backpack if you have a screenshot of what you had maybe?
(because we don’t have the backpack information in our API yet)

Sorry but I don’t usually make screenshot of my equip ^^

That bug was in history happened due the Medical Bay bug. It was huge and very big.
Now your disconnect caused this I guess.

So should I teleport you to your ship back?

And regarding the backpack… well then it is a tricky situation. But you can mention the most expensive stuff you had and we can see what we can do.

Happy that helped to find a big bug. Nevermind for the bakcpack, I’ll be back to this game/server when will be more stable.

I’m glad you like the post Jascha, I also hope you’re glad to know you’ve lost a player.

I’m sorry to hear that, but its your decision.
Everyone playing the Game is aware of the Game being in Alpha state. Therefore you have to expect that.
Loosing a backpack is rather a small thing compared to what we help people with on a daily basis.
Therefore excuse us if we don’t jump right in as if its a life and death matter. Besides as I explained earlier, we did not do constant backups of each and everyone’s backpack to restore it. Knowing that this is also a easy way to exploit our help we need proof of items before we grant something.
And as you see from Rex post, we are even more then willing to restore the most important things you lost.

But since you speak about that topic… lets try to improve our service. I think I will create a backup of backpacks in the next days… might help the community too. Thanks for that Idea :wink:

To sum it up:

it’s also on most of the servers rule page: