Lost BP

Hello this morning around 8h30 i pop a base BP at homeworld then was disconnected-----> the base was not here, no more
BP completed and lost resources.

Thx for help


Hi borealis,

Further to our chat this morning im sad to say there is nothing we can do in this instance, partially due to how the game stores logs there isn’t much we can check or verify for blueprint issues.

We would however be interested to know the following things:

if you used our do:bp command to produce this base
if you have any further issue placing the same base again


hi again, yes i used the do:bp command and i don t know for placing it again it costs too much ^^ around 35000 iron and rest of materials, i think i will not take the risk twice :slight_smile:
first time i wanted to put some fun on pvp ^^ need to stay at least two weeks in pve before having another base :slight_smile:

Having reviewed the situation further we will refund the do:bp, and give you a helping hand with a few credits / materials to save you a full cost of rebuild.

omg thx a lot didn’t expect that much, thx again.