Lost everything in my inventory. Server EU

My CV and SV and HV have not disappeared but I logged off inside my CV with the gravity generator on.
I logged on today to see all my items in my inventory gone but I have 10 miner cores and I was quite a distance away from my ship which had the thrusters turned off.
I was in space near Hunter starter.

Name of ship
Ship ID?
What server?
Which inventory did you refer to ? personal or ship?
Did you CSW?
Did a factionmate CSW?
Did a factionmate have access to your stuff?

Please be more thorough with the data.

No only items within my backpack are gone. I did not die before as it did not come up with the death menu.
I am not in faction.
I have not CSWed before or warped at all.
My personal inventory.
Server EU.
My CV,SV and HV are fine.
Only my personal inventory and spawn was affected.

In - game name?


So you died 10 minutes before you logged out last night – Did you lose your inventory then by chance? Looking through your logs

No because I always retrieve my personal possessions when I die as I saw my tools on my hotbar when I logged out.

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