Lost gold after putting it in the ATM

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What happened: Hello, today around 2-3pm ET i put 1.2M cr worth in gold coins in the atm, so i was up to 1.8 in total with what i had before, now i look back at my credit and im back at 600k. if you can help me with that it would be appriciated
Player(s) with issue: Stressless
Server: HWS NA
Time (cb:time): 20:00-21:00 july 10
Playfield: aesir
Structure Name(s): Oasis base
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: i would like my credit to go back to what it was or get my gold coins back and ll transmute them in ecc market


I guess you are not sure about your credits or?
Maybe check your Player Logs on HWS first to see if you got taxed or something.
ATM transactions are out of our league. Therefore we could not do anything here. But I think the problem is something else.

yes im sure about my numbers but not to the exact, i had my backpack 3/4 full of stack of coins, and i put them in the ATM of the faction base, my personal credit not my elemenal bank was at 600k and after adding the coins it went up to 1.8m and i went about to do stuff then an hour after i check my credit and its down to what it was orginaly i check in my dashboard and i was not taxed, or anything.

i feel like i had to pass the message hoping to get my credit and to at least let it be known if its a bug, but i will respect whatever decision u make.

I checked your logs and it looks like you logged a minute after you used the ATM.
Did you had disconnects at that time?

Either way, even though we can’t do this normally I gave you the 1.2 mill to your Bank account since the game bug is quite obvious in this case.

Im not really sure if i disconnected after putting the money in the ATM, im kind of a gold fish lol. but it could be the case because i do get sometimes disconnected, specialy after warping, but i think thats my computer not the server coz other players dont experience the same thing. Anyway, i want to thank you for taking the time and checking my logs and refund me the lost cr, very appriciated.

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Just curious, how do you checked your balance after u used atm?

Ingame Credits are shown ingame next to your inventory/experience etc

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