Lost Gold Coins

Heya, I logged in about 6:50 U.S. Central time, ran over to the advanced constructor I had making coins, saw they where all done, transferred aprox. 7 stacks to inventory and was in the process of typing the command to convert (I typed this eb:co) when the server booted me. I logged back in to find they all vanished. I already had 4 stacks in inventory which stayed, but the 7 stacks vanished because of the boot. Appreciate any help you can provide :smiley:


That was my first reaction :wink:

eb:cointocr do exactly that! It [quote=“Epox”]7 stacks vanished[/quote] to give you credits so you don’t have to click 6993 times to convert these stacks by hand.
They are just in your bank.
Type eb:info to see your balance.

What epox said on ts to us, was that he got booted before he could hit enter for the gold coin command, and his bank doesn’t reflect the balance from adding the coins

As a professional courtesy and mature adult, I will take this to a PM.

Ok - sorry, will look into it :slight_smile: