Lost in Alliance Space after server restart

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What happened:

Im a Freelancer. I connected after the last server restart and now i stuck on Alliance space, my base is on freelancer HQ planet where i disconnected as the server restarted.

Player(s) with issue:




Time (cb:time):



Freelancer HQ/ Alliance Space

Structure Name(s):

Basis (BA)

Structure ID(s):


How can we help you now:

Please can you teleport me back to my base?

Hello @Phoenixx2011

Unfortunately the Class 5 Freelancer-HQ Planet is dead again.
I announced the reason today here:

I try to fix it temporary but will be hard without a server restart.

i can pick u up, give me 2 mins

Will warp you now

Thanks so much to both of you for the fast help. Everything works fine again.

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