Lost in Space

What happened: Used a supergate @ Homeworld, warped to Crazzy Space, Crazzy Space is apparently a private system, warped us back out but not our ships. Registry says they are still in Crazzy Space
Player(s) with issue: Me (Deepthought) and friend Crolya
Server: NA
Time: Wednesday 20th February 2019 09:13
Playfield: Homeworld
Structure Name(s): Lucy, BSG POI Ripper and ScoutC
Structure ID(s): Lucy 25028519, BSG POI Ripper 28520336, ScoutC 24685426
Desired Outcome: Move 3 ships from Crazzy Space to Atlantis Orbit for retrieval.


Client_190219-194131-69.log (785.1 KB)
Client_190219-223459-00.log (33.7 KB)
Client_190220-000213-19.log (12.4 KB)

I warp them to you in a second

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thank you we got them back, someone helped us in game that had the ability to warp them to us as well. Thank you for your timely response, this is why i choose to play on this server you guys are awesome.

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