Lost inventory cross server warping

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What happened: i cross server warped and lost all the stuff i was carrying, fuel food faction weapon (no big deal) and almost 20 million in credits
Player(s) with issue: Paul-Voller
Server: NA and EU
Time (cb:time): 10:30pm ish eu time
Playfield: Cross Server Warp
Structure Name(s):
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now: look into issue

Did you log in directly after you had donr csw:start And did you type cb:startjobs when you were in?

Did you read this?


please always state from where to where and when exactly if you do multiple jumps.

Can you explain what you did here?


If you look closely you see that you did CSW at least at 22:19/20 right after another.
This will defenitley cause the loss of items and money.
Why did you warp 8 times in 20 minutes? (usually thats a sign for us that someone tries to find exploits…thats why I ask)

Please also let us know which of those CSW’s was the one where you lost the stuff.

Last but not least CSW is a super advanced technology - as in real life you will fail, if you don’t read the manual:

a friend tried to warp in form NA server to the EU his ship never arrived. i put him in my passenger seat and warped him back we tried 4 times his ship never arrived. then we went back and chopped up his ship and tried to just warp back in mine. he never arrived. then we warped back added him to the same alliance as me in NA and tried again he finally cam over then today after 4 hours power leveling to level 25 it told him his character is still in NA and he had to fresh start

not sure which one i lost my stuff about the 5th warp i think. i have been warping every day or two for a long time and never had a issue before but my friend Lockethot had real problems with it and i may have warped before my character had fully loaded in in my haste to help him.

Put the Credits in your bank and restored your backpack.

Just make sure never to logout or warp back before CSW is done (move a bit and then wait at least 5 minutes)

lesson learnt thank you.

and my friend has managed to get here now and we are levelling him up

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