Lost Materials and Death on Moon (NA)

I am not quite sure if this is a HWS or Emyprion issue. Some time between around 11:00 PST (GMT-8) today (2016-12-08) I parked my SV on the moon after mining some Neodymium and Magnesium (approximately 600 units of each). I powered down and logged off. When I logged back in around 13:00 PST My I was greeted by the death screen. I respawned close to where I had died to find my ship standing on end point towards the air and no backpack or materials in sight (empty inventory).

This doesn’t sound like the consequences of a wipe, but does this sound like an issue you’ve encountered before? Perhaps there is some game mechanic I wasn’t aware of and my death was legit?

Thank you in advance for the help.