Lost my CV when make cross server warp

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Lost my CV when make cross server warp

Name: Vesa

Between NA - EU server

Structure Name: Tiny Tick 2.2

Can i get it back?

You should use the full template so admins can see when/time.

But have you tried CSW’ing back to where you came from, and checked if the CV is there?

You can copy it from here, and edit it into your own post. (Please do that)

Help Template

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It was server time 8:45. Its not NA server i was checked.

Please use the whole template.


Check my message above.

cant get anymore information like ID:s cos they dissapeared. It was only class 7 CV. If i dont get it with those information just leave it. I was make 3 cross warps earlier today last not sucsess thats it. I have lost class 7 CV earlier its not big deal. Only want those bugs are repaired.

Now its at NA server after 2 hours

Did you try relog earlier? xD

2 times


Jascha is currently at vacation. I can’t fix it myself.
I see you play on EU already now so I don’t know if you need still help or what is the current state?

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