Lost npc faction reputation

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What happened:
My faction reputation with Polaris went down to neutral after I clicked on container instead of trader. It happened just after I got it back to honored after the same problem happened 3 days ago.
Player(s) with issue:


Time (cb:time):
28.01.2019 around 03:00

Alliance HQ

Structure Name(s):
Black market (from Saturn V)

How can we help you now:
Could you please restore my reputation with Polaris to honored and/or fix the issue so clicking faction container won’t ruin reputation? It’s very annoying having to wait 3 days to get rep back and it doesn’t make any sense since I didn’t even get any item.

Hello @DarthMyrten

sorry, we can’t change the Faction Reputation. We have no control over this via API.

Tip: if you point with the cursor to a container it tells you how the faction reputation will change.
Tip2: press F1 and do the Polaris PDA Mission I have set up. (5000 RP 10 times)

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OK I understand, I guess I’ll have to wait another three days to get rep back using that 5000 rp mission. It’s very easy to miss that warning so I’d suggest removing that container from that trader room in Blackmarket station

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or write here your suggestion

I have suggested a popup confirmation… but devs dont understand

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I think server owners will soon get the Config file for all of that. Then we can change it how we want.

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