Lost of RP without reason

Good morning.
For a few weeks ago, when I go to bed I have a reputation and when I get up the next day, I have 1 or 2 points less, without reason.
I do not use commands like the fa: scan, I do not die, or anything, since I am offline.
But every day, 1 or 2 points less during the night. Always while im offline, never when im online.

I asked in my alliance and it just happens to me, please, could you check my profile on the server to look for the bug?.

My name in the game is Sr Pato
Thanks a lot.

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Something is also wrong with my RP. Warping each day with epic, no structures in PvE yet no increase in RP - shouldve had an extra 28 by now.

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I get the same. Once I got 14 points. And it was over.

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That was the Global:Scan Also with 5.1 there was still the bug that he took it. But its fixed now.

I hope, but today it tooks 2 points too.
Lets see what happens tomorrow, i have lost more than 28 points with that bug

The same thing happens to me, when I connect in the mornings I have less points than when I disconnect at night. Iā€™m also losing 2 points per day

Fixed in the next tool patch