Lost pack due to [Combat logging in front of a] griefer

Got attacked on comet by smokinbilldogs. Was odd how it happened, but whatever. What I have issue with is the griefing. I died, got my pack back, and logged out. Went and took care of some home stuff and came back in. He had dug a crater around where I logged out and had trained a bunch of predators over to it. I died pretty quickly due to the lag when you join, and my pack fell through the planet. I only really lost 1 thing that I would like back. That would be my epic pistol. While the griefing is really petty, I don’t expect much to be done. I could post the screen of the crater if you wish.

So you combat logged and he used a valid tactic to kill you? Doesn’t sound like grieving. The only problem is the backpack falling through the planet which is obviously a bug. But sadly: Backpack lost in space

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Sounds like a creative and entertaining way to deal with people who combat log. I’ll have to remember that for future reference.

How to train Predators? Sounds like a new feature like in Ark?! I would love to train me some Raptors to go hunting for me :smiley:

Hi there,

Sorry for your bad game experience, Unfortunately the entire situation is totally valid other than the bug that meant your backpack fell through the ground.

I will replace the epic pistol in this instance, as a good gesture but usually we wouldn’t get involved with minor Alpha game bugs that cause small loses