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What happened: One day in the past there were ships. Now… there are no ships. This has made me sad: (exa: (my face) :frowning: ) They seem to have been deleted, and one is simply vanished. Both were stored in Peacekeeper East, where we warp through all the time.
Player(s) with issue: Alfonzfred
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Unknown
Playfield: Peacekeeper East
Structure Name(s): HPG Factory 3, G.H.P.C. Micro Penus
Structure ID(s): G.H.P.C. Micro Penus = 1883784, Factory 3 is not showing on my structure commander
How can we help you now: Please return my glorious vessels.

Greetings oh ex owner of glorious vessels. Im afraid I cant find anything AT ALL on NA server with the name HPG Factory 3 (1 & 2 yes, but no 3 at all) … like it never existed. This makes me also sad. You sure on the name?

It would appear your Micro Penus wasn’t touched for 10 days, therefor it withered and died. You should make every effort to touch it every day … I know I do.


I don’t think I’d admit about touching my very own micro penis :joy::joy::joy:

@Beetle So you have a very small penis but you just wouldnt admit to touching it?

On a more grown-up note - I too logged into Peacekeepers to find my ships disappeared. I checked the registry and they were something like 3k away so i jetpacked for a little while. OP - have you checked your reg?

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I wouldn’t admit to having one even if I did :joy:

Yes, I checked registry. This is extremely unfortunate as one was a foundry. Is there any way I can get a refund on the foundry? I paid good money for it :frowning:

So, lets say you bought yourself a Big Mac, with large fries and a coke and you left it in the kitchen whilst you went off to do some knitting. You spend a little too much time unraveling your wool and the dog eats the lot. Would you go back to McDonalds with empty hands and ask for a refund?

Since you clearly have a good few hours on the server and should know better than to leave your PRIZED garage ship untouched for a good few hours, i’ll restore it for 1 mil. Hows that? :grinning:


Dee and his allusions :joy: gotta love em

The difference is there is no financial transaction, nor loss to the ‘business’/server. You can view it as a time expenditure, but you’d be doing something like this anyway, so that’s not really an issue. It could be argued better as a net benefit as it’s seemingly some sort of weird error, and such reimbursement could be said to increase the positive outlook of the player-base, were the practice standard. Either way, the 1mil sounds fine, I accept your offer. In the future I’ll touch all over it for hours and hours…

Ah after all that its bad news Im afraid, the backups only go back so far and it would appear we don’t actually have it. Sorry mate … :frowning:

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hilarious ending :exploding_head:
would read random forum post again, 5/7 perfect score

I just lost two more factory ships for who knows what reasons.

HPG Factory 1 5297300 COPY Peacekeeper West 1595 -70 1765 3 1284 1 True 1054 9 12:50 72 328 True
HPG Factory 2 5297303

Both were visited the day I made the initial post here which if 4 days ago. What’s going on?

They were loaded down with ore and actively smelting stuff. I go there nearly every day I play to drop off supplies. If they weren’t visited then why is my CV they were parked on still there? So many questions.

Can I has my ships back? O.o


that lesson needs everyone to make I guess.

Both got wiped since they were not touched for 9 days. The names are fitting perfect for your mistake I guess.
You think if flying with them around or handle their stuff with the Control Panel means touch. But it doesn’t.

But we got you covered since they are still in the backups:

Let me know if you agree with that or not.

I just think about this:

It self explanatory.

wha… I literally have to stand on them? xD hahahahaha… well thankfully they were in backup I suppose.

Do I have to use some particular commands to get it back? Don’t see them on the registry.

Nope, just give me a :+1: or :-1: and I’ll handle everything in the background.


Touch… yeah… be in the bounding box…walk on it, sit in it, jetpack with your body along the structure… you know… “touch”.

Restored them.

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