Lost sv on catogar

I was trying to leave the atmosphere on Catogar in my sv “Viper”. I got the connection lost and am now standing on the planet about to die. I do not know if it is in orbit but I know it is set to faction and is not showing on the planet. If you would be so kind as to just land it on the planet and I will get in and fly away. Thanks in advance!

Check in the Character Menu under Marketplace there is a Registry that shows you what ships and bases you have and where, if its not there it might be lost somehow. Im in Catogar orbit, but im at work now and cant help you with a lift off :unamused:

Thanks and it says Talivea orbit for my Viper M

so it is in space over the planet, this happened to me also once with my CV, had to use another SV blueprint to get there… if you have no resources or blueprint ready try to ask in chat if someone can help get you in orbit (or check marketplace for resources if you have credits).