LoT Epic Pistol Loaner Program

Greetings Trader! Are you one of the many traders out there with both no RP and no access to Epic Pistols in order to GET that RP? Well have I got a deal for you! For absolutely no credits or materials down, LoT can jump start you on your way to getting that RP reward mansion in Eden you have always dreamed of!!
Here’s how it works:
Step 1: When any member of LoT is online in HWS NA, you may either come over global and ask for the LoT Jump Starter. If we have someone around neptune, we will meet you at the LoT FOB (Landing field on the northern border of the planet)
Make sure you are allied with us before coming here, or you are gonna have a bad time.
Step 2: LoT will loan you an Epic Pistol and screenshot your name and faction. You then take said pistol, warp to one of three locations that you do NOT announce over global, and then warp back. Hold on to the pistol for up to two hours after, until the FA:info says you have RP.
Step 3: Bring the pistol, and exactly half of your first week’s gold supply back to the LoT landing pad. (You can split the stack by right clicking) In this supply, you also get your very own epic pistol so that you can continue your RP journey without needing to rent a pistol. However, if you do die and lose your epic, do not fret! you can take advantage of this program again next week!
Step 4: PROFIT. Now you have the Trader supply packages to look forward to every week, as well as the ability to keep progressing in your RP, all without having to clear those pesky POI’s!!!

Those who are paranoid about space pirates ambushing you with the epic in your inventory or those who do not have enough pentaxid for a warp at the time may opt to pay all the gold ingots from the supply in order to have an LoT warship warp you out and back to ensure that you make it.


I should mention that if you do die and/or lose the epic pistol during your warp, or fail to return it to LoT in a timely manner one of two things will occur: You may warp with us and then give us the pistol from that supply package, as well as the gold, to compensate for the loss of the loaner pistol, or you will lose your alliance to LoT, as well as our allies, and the world gets just a little bit scarier. No hard feelings, but we do have to ensure our investments.

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Thank you LoT and mcprouty for all you do to help fresh traders. This was the starter needed.

I don’t get it. Why don’t they just spend the night on their Origin planet and then FA:supply for a free Epic pistol and keep all the gold after 24 hours? Is the trader Origin bugged?

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You don’t get an epic by default and you need 1 RP to get FA:Supply. This helps folks get started.

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Plus, look at the date. This program was in place wayyyyy before the 7 rp no pvp thing was even considered.

Ahh… That makes sense. You’re usually pretty helpful and this came off all Sham-WOW!


Well, you do get an epic. But I dont think you get the 7 RP bonus for no pvp if you didnt warp. Atleast I hope not… Otherwise this program is dead the moment that went into play.

Nah, rules are simple. Have epic, Warp every 24 hours.

When did people start getting a free epic on starter? was that with 5.1?

No free epic on starter. Thats not what he was saying. He meant the epic you get in your first supply. Atleast I hope he did, and Rex didnt just start dropping epics in escape pods…
Oh and also what you just described still has quite a bit of complexity and uncertainty. For example, do you need epic in inventory only when warping or full 24 hours? 24 hours by 24 hour cycle? or has to be seperated by more than 24 hours like supply has to be more than 7 days exactly. And just as a reference, ever since the RP system changed to daily, I have been slowly losing RP on deaths, and now sit at zero. I have loads of epics, but I do not hold them in my inventory overnight. I am also not online through the 3am calc time. So who knows what factor is screwing me. I wont worry about it until it is time for my supply.