Lucifer and Gabriel rotation

It doesn’t seem like the rotation is working correctly, Past few days (Wen, Thurs, Fri) I have noticed Lucifer has been PVE and Gabriel PVP.

On which server? I needed to fix it on the new PvE server but other than that it is working as it should?!

NA server

Is it true that the alien spawners and rare loot containers respawn daily on Lucifer? Or are the POIs basically just empty now? (haven’t really had time to go back there since the 2nd day when I mined out 3 of the gold deposits

Tell you what Tomcat, why don’t we meet on Gabriel while its still pvp, we can have a chat at my base. I’m sure you know the one. Maybe they’re keeping it pvp just for that. =D

Sounds good Abrum, I’ll meet you there in few hours.

Just an FYI Gabriel still hasn’t flipped to PVE on the NA server

Sorry, will be fixed with the next restart in few hours

Thanks Rex