LZR Pirate faction looking for recruits

The LZR Pirate faction is looking for new recruits.

We are now playing on HWS EU for a few weeks, with enough money, ships and ores to get involved in bigger conflicts and raids in the HWS world.

The LZR faction can help you to get started if you are new on the server.
We’re looking for PVP players who are not afraid of loosing everything but would work hard to get it back, and even harder to get more !

We need pirates, but not of any kind.

First of all, we need AUTONOMOUS pirates, able to design their own blueprints, to make raids alone on traders pilots or bases, to take over POI alone and regularly
bring money/autominer core or other stuff to the faction.

We need pirates with a real thirst of PVP. PVP is our behavior. PVP is our law. PVP is our fantasy.

We need pirates able to think ahead and who won’t get stuck on a planet because they choosed to rob the wrong
player without THINKING.

We need pirates with a high sense of HONOR and FAIRPLAY.
We rob people, we may kill them, but we never leave someone we robbed alone without food, some fuel and a ship.
You can rob whoever you want. You can attack anyone. Especially those disgusting Guardians.

BUT, with the exception of The Guardians, you have to be sure that you won’t leave them stuck somewhere without any possibility to spawn a ship.
(on the other hand, be careful to not fall in a trap by helping them…)
We need them to continue working, mining and making money if we want to rob them again and again, that’s why we need healthy traders.

We need pirates who will be glad to help other pirates.
Not all pirates are allied of course, but if any pirate faction or player ask for help, you should be glad and proud to help him/them.
The more we are, the stronger. Solidarity is our weapon.

Our main languages are English and French. You just need to speak english to join us.
We’ll be glad to help if you join us and have questions, BUT, we won’t help you if you haven’t carefully read all the Guides on HWS site (like you should !) and learned
the servers commands and the way the server features works.

Any pirate faction looking for allies can also leave us a message here, we will do whatever we can to help our brothers and sisters.

Good to see new Factions Growing.
Best of Luck !!!