Tell me, is this the normal use of macros, and in which paragraph of the rules is this written? thanks

Firing macros aren’t against the rules and would be impossible to enforce even if they were against the rules. It would take too much time and manpower to enforce anyways.

As you can also clearly see in the video, in most cases firing macros just cause you to waste more ammo. 99% of the time they used it in that video the only things that actually hit the target were the homing rockets. Nearly everything else missed every time.

Also, if you were to press the buttons fast enough then you could technically do the same thing even without macros. There is usually no real advantage to using a firing macro anyways unless your target is standing perfectly still.

Water, I don’t care how much I spend ammunition, I was asked whether it was allowed or not and where it is written. thanks

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It’s allowed. There is no written rule though because there is nothing to do about it.

This is not punishable, that’s what I wanted to hear from you))) thanks. I wish I had heard it from Rexus

Those were Rex’s words I quoted, so you kind of did.
If you wish to hear from an admin then you will have to be patient. They are in different time zones after all and have real life stuff to do as well.

You are in a hurry somewhere)) I do not)) we can wait

What twitchy said is correct.

No need for rex to repeat what already written :wink:

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