Made a post to ELON. Maybe its not only me that feels this way

Is it only me that feels this way ?

“Please Elon team. Please repair the game…”

I have played this game for so long that i cant remember anymore…5k+ hours…

This game has been failing constantly since your big puch for 6.0.
The 6.0 patch was the worst i have ever played. And i am very sorry to say that the buggs made almost all players leave the game. Multiplayer is dead now. Even HWS is more or less empty with only 20-30 players online during primetime. We are used to 100+ since 5.0.

I admire people like Rexxxus and Jascha on HWS that have the guts to keep on going with HWS servers even when its the core of the game that cant be fixed. They do so much to help us players but they dont control the code. You do!

So what needs to be fixed ? ALOT. The list is so long…

1: Well maybe SV´s should fire even when reversing ? (What happend there. it stoped working in 6.7)

2: Compleate overhall on guns / damage. Its a joke today. Even if we build class one ships we can fire like 1000 missiles and still not kill a HV / SV. It takes like 45 min to kill something and often then you are lucky to get a lucky shot for the core (lag shot). And if we talk about CV´s it even worse. Even when something stand still it takes like 5 min to brake the armor with ALL guns shooting.

3: Bases are a joke.Last buff was 10% longer range when they maybe need 50%.
You take out any base with a propper HV / SV singelhanded. Guns are firing longer now but still an hv has so much armor that they can tank 2-3 bases and just sit there. Maybe add more guns to bases. Not unlimited but more then on a cv.

These are core things that make pvp totaly dead today. And pvp is something alot of players want.

I dont have all the answers to how to fix this due to the fact that i cant program shit. But maybe start by fixing stuff that is broken before adding more new stuff. We love the new stuff but we are realy trying to find any game play with all that is broken.

Is there any information from you on what you are building on or trying to repair ? Information is power. If people know that things are being checked at maybe they stay. But for now you are loosing the hard core players that you have had from the start. People are sick of waiting and not getting information.

Best of luck



I agree on alot of what you wrote in terms of the bases but the sv & hv i don’t see an issue with because right now we can only build class 1 sv and hv on pvp. I do think that the problem has alot to do with the limits of the turrets ability to only fire in certain directions when placed. This issue is not so big on cv because cv can just move the ship to get better turret fire.

For example for bases a turret can be highly overcomed by shooting from a sv directly on top of the turret when the turret is placed flat. Its unfortunate and this needs an important fix. So you can have all your turrets placed flat on the ground as turrets should be placed but a sv can take all those turrets out without even getting shot at.

I think your link may have been removed by the way because its not working. Update: Link works again thanks Zappe21.

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I see that too. I played over 3k hours and more 1k hours on HWS. It is a best server with good online and community but now it is “empty”. Many people leave this game. So i completly agree with Zappe.

IDK how but playing in pre-alpha and firtst alphas be more interesting (even with big crashes and other bugs). Alpha to alpha gameplay and especial PVP is dying. And worst come from 5.1! Missile trails, thruster flares and etc - after it pfs drops heavly. But after 6.0 we have game unplayble. Big long CV cannot fly with out death lags with docked SV (goodbye carriers). CV fights - it is madness - we can fight by hours before we start booring or all turrets are goan. Now good combat CV cannont be killed - it is just warp out when fight goes booring. SV do not shoot in the space (SV fly faster then itself missiles, railguns do not shoot). Damage goes wrong - need hours to kill medium sized SV (and spend 2-3k missiles for it). Moving HV do not taking damage as is should. BA - it is “paper house” 1 SV class 1 can kill any base. And in alpha 6.6 HV have the same speed that SV - wtf? And what we have with RELOADING? why my ammo dissapear? Again old bug.

Maybe you DEVS stuck in the code? Or cannot fix MP game part? - So just tell us truth. I see again in alpha 7.0 - new textures and other good looking wrapper features. So you decide make only SINGLE player PVE game with good picture and ruin the MP and other game features? Where the radar? Shields? Planets without green barrier? Where the new (really new features?). I look at my old pre alpha screenshoots and i see good picture with out death lags. In that times we can freely fight in space on 5-6 CV with 100 turrets. But now 2-3 CV battle cause sometimes big problems for perfomance.

But i hope sometimes you gather strength and fix all of it - good luck.


Come on! Noobs, pve noobs, pvp noobs, pve players, pvp players, pvp veterans, even bankeers - all unite and post to ELEON! We cant hold this sheet! We need changes!

P.S. Mutiny on the ship! Prepare rotten egs and tomatos fro eleon!

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Posted, suggest everyone to do the same.

This is getting really bad, its crucial fundamentals of the game absolutly messed up. PvP under these conditions is no go, and you can see all us hardcore players left already waiting for something to happen.

If this is not repaired Rexxx can switch whole server to PvE friendly mode as i dont belive any of us will play this. Lets stay constructive no matter how hard it is and belive me…this made me more than insane.

I completely agree with @zappe21 and @A.F.T game is already dying after the latest updates and lags which occur because of these updates.
Right now, many will begin to write what is wrong and all is well( these are the people who play on PVE), but then why do we need the multiplayer if there is no PVP ?, if you want PVE then create survial and play by yourself on your server.


I agree with the above posters. V6 has added many features to the game which is a positive but there hasnt been enough thought into the impact these ‘additions’ would have on overall gameplay and performance. I am currently running the game on very low graphics settings - I really shouldnt be - but its the only way I have of dealing with the issues created in V6.

Asteroid fields, nebula, wispy clouds in space(?) - all very pretty but really not necessary in a pvp area and just adds ‘load’.

On planet surface - wavy grass, weather etc - again all wonderful features for single player/PvE but are negatively impacting pvp.

Unless its part of the game code and cant be removed - how about making a PvP system - orbit and planets with none of the added bits. I was hoping that MOBA would have become such a system - maybe a thought for the future?

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You forgot to mention the most important issue. You can’t get more than half dozen people together without serious lag. Every major fight I’ve been in since 3.0 has been a cluster. People get disconnected, 1 fps, lagshots – it all just goes to sh!t.

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New Experimental should fix SV

Test it if you can please.
And thanks Rexxx Im suspicious you put some work in this gathering evidence, which is something us, unmature assholes, werent able to do due to serious seisures during trying to :slight_smile:

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