Magnesium is RIP

Didn’t there used to be another server to mine magnesium on…HWS Sanctuary - is that still a thing?
Magnesium is now a prereq for more ammo than in the last version. Ammo is needed for everything that is fun, especially PVP. Are new players expected to go to pvp without missiles? Magnesium asteroids are zero. Magnesium deposits are zero. Magnesium market is entirely owned by this fellow named Snowman. As a new player I’m going to need some homing missiles and other ammo to be competetive, and it seems like everything is rigged to make snowman HWS rich(er). Please remedy this grave injustice fine sirs to improve your new player experience <3 <3

WOW… add some … and some , and one or two !!

ask ingame for help… people will help you. It is not that hard to get buddy =)

Rexx literally said removing Magnesium would create a Magnesium market and 1.5 years later that is obviously 100% false given the HWS NA one-man Magnesium show we have going on. Question: If it’s so easy to get then how come there is only one seller?
Answer: It’s not easy to get, you just have a bunch in your obs/corp from before.
So do tell how to get Magnesium in PvE instead of trying to belittle the new player with nonsense talk. “Not that hard” smh. I know there is one mission where I can get 10 stacks, but it’s not a solo mission. On any other server this is a tier one material that is as plentiful as iron. I don’t understand for the life of me why it’s more rare than gold on HWS, other than it was a decision made with good intentions that didn’t work out and should be rescinded.

there is plenty of mag to find. But ill sell you cheap =)
Whats your ingame name?

No deal newbies should not have to buy ammo from oldies <3
That’s the entire point. They should be able to get ammo from PvE so they can actually fight in PvP, but that’s fine I know how to get it. I buy it from the only seller, snowman, and it costs more than any resource in the entire game, as it is even more rare than gold.

Welcome back but that is long time gone.

Except from very rare edge cases, new players do not belong to PvP. Sorting such rushers out is a good way to prevent the common PvP frustration they get instantly, facing veteran PvP factions on the server.

However, if some really want PvP they can get PvP - with and without Magnesium.
Magnesium can be found in PvE: here.
Magnesium can be found in some special locations.
Can be found in PDA and EGS HQ Missions (PvPvE)
And can be bought on ECC for relative cheap at the NPC Trader.

Because other servers don’t give a heck about PvP in the first place. But that is off-topic.
I explained it already above.


People still craft ammo instead of buying it for credits? o.O


I was going to suggest the same thing.

Even a brand new player can vote and collect daily loot for a day or two and have more than enough credits to purchase ammo. Not enough for a sustained battle, but enough for a starting adventure into PvP if you think you’re ready.

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I wonder; why the hell never beginners, but never even read the guide HWS, there everything is said and explained and look that English is neither my native language.

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I am honored that Rexxus has responded of course I read the guide but it is very long I certainly will go to Phoenix and then I will come back with a better opinion no doubt, but to this day my main issue so far has been ammo proliferation ( well really the sv/hv cockpit change hurt a lot too lol )

The problem with that is that a new player needs every penny for their bank; extended pvp battles can chew though amazing amounts of ammo especially if it’s a planet/moon defense with towers or a battle with large cvs. I mean I have a spreadsheet for my bank upgrades and it’d be a shame to slow it down :smiley: