Ummm so there is a planet for Zas, a planet for Ere. but the other rares like Magnesium seem to be unusually rare. Pent is also more rare than I feel it should be. I don’t mind the changes to ammo but if I don’t think I have found more than 3000 mag ore all season… And I have only found two Pent Asteriods, no met’s and no deposits.

Do the Mole run in the events room. Just note the time and try to be there when it opens ! I did it 3 times in a row the end of last season and ended up with 30 stacks of mag, as well as 30 of Zas, Erest, and about 10 stacks of gold.

I also farmed Armageddon meteorites, you get random meteorites for all the ores there, inc gold. 1 hour will net you 3 mag meteorites. This was in 7, dont think its changed much.

Make a chunky 3 armor layed cv just for mining black hole asteroids, you will always get a few before getting attacked :slight_smile:

The Resource Mole Mission will be fixed tomorrow.

For Pentaxid a trip to Waterworld might be useful…
Magnesium is meant to be rare and hopefully to push the Marketplace finally!
(not looking at anyones OCD with full stacks of Magnesium…)