I have few questions again…

AFAIK magnesium is needed to craft better ammo, right?

AFAIK magnesium ore can be mined only on Sanctuary server, right?

AFAIK Sanctuary server is available only for donators, right?

How poor, solo player can get magnesium on HWS EU/NA ? I thought that it will be available in the market but there is none :open_mouth:



HWS Sanctuary is for everyone. It is just the case that there are more donator planets than on the main servers but even some Donator planets are open for everyone (Crimson e.g.)
Just do CSW and keep your eyes open… cough GG …

although not cheap there is a source of magnesium on (some?) starter planets through NPC traders

just bought me 1 magnesium for the fun of it

Ow :open_mouth: That changes everything :smiley: Then I will visit Sanctuary today :slight_smile: Thanks

I wonder why I didnt see HWS Sanctuary on server list :open_mouth: I always had only NA and EU.

Hey Ayen,

it is much more easy to buy autominer for Magnesium to 10, then you dont need Sanctuary :relaxed:

Ahh yes and dont forget to share with me your easy mode secret to earn 700 million credits within 2 minutes to buy OCD7, deal ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hehe but I would like to mine 50k now :smiley: I will share that (70kk* not 700kk :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I need to check if its still possible in hws7 :stuck_out_tongue:

I went to Sanctuary yesterday. All worked fine. CSW, connection. Found 2 planets with magnesium and few systems with magnesiumn asteroids. Most resource veins were depleted but there were some with 10k+. To be honest I dont get it why do we even have sanctuary server :stuck_out_tongue: We could simply use EU and NA and add magnesium to them.

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I just want to support my (very rich capitalistic) dark sister here, cross server warp to sanctuary is really nerves-killing, we always die to „falling through bottom into space“ bugs during the warp.

Furthermore, the non documented limitation in skill points on sanctuary is a pain in the ass.

So please add magnesium to HWS EU and NA.