Major bug, please help

I need help I was on about an 3 hour ago went to elemental got all my stuff from AM came back to a donator planet and now my ship has lost loads of parts half my cargo boxs gone. They is a core not where it should be lost all my resources i got from my AM. Cannot see anything on the logs
and over 100 am that I bought. Just managed to look at my ship from outside and massive holes in it. It does make sense

Updated your name a bit. Have you tried relogging? Got in a fight the other day and it had allll the characteristics of lag shots, but then after I made it back to the planet and freaked out getting ready to replace them, they all reappeared.

Also did you have sv’s/hv’s docked? Were they docked near damage?

relogged several times. Yes they was a sv docked but not much damaged where the sv use to be. I say use to be as they is only 1 block left of the sv

Jebus. Ya seems things are degrading fast with the whole docking collision thing… Thats assuming this is not an even larger bug. Any chance you have a timestamp/zone of when it happened?

between 1530 and 1630 uk time on a donator planet

just re checked logs and they is an hour missing from when i left elemental till i relogged back in about an hour later


The cv is falling apart in front. I just logged back in even more of the ship has gone and even de cored itself. WTF?

Guess that acid rain is really doing a number on your CV today? :slight_smile: hehe… seriously though… 100% suckage

Yeah so this one is an interesting tale…

@Jascha @RexXxuS @Achilles

So i looked into this one… Seems like his ship seems to have quantum-replicated itself across two playfields. One in PVP space, one on his donor PVE planet. The PVP space version gets shot to hell, and the PVE version seems to get beat up too…

There are other anomalies that we need to discuss on this one offline, but in short - we need to restore this CV to a point before 5:26 server time when it was decored by Doink_the_clown in HomeWorld Space.

Note below, Randall jumped from Sanctuary to his planet, TCP HQ, and then his ship seems to exist in both homeworld space AND TCP HQ.

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oh… yes thats bad. But: Can it be that someone restored that ship from backup?
If that happend while the tool did not know about the other ship he could get the same id.

Not sure why admin would have restored it. I did not report a issue till about an hour later when I noticed half my ship had gone.

Resolved ingame